I Love Andy Murray


I can’t even describe how much I love Andy Murray.

Friday, February 28, 2014 - The day I met Andy Murray

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In 2013, my friend Zainab Walji did a raffle which raised over £1800 for Royal Marsden.

Inspired by Ross Hutchins’ efforts in Rally against Cancer and in memory of Elena Baltacha, her friend and others who have passed away from cancer, she have decided to do another raffle for both Royal Marsden cancer charity and EBAT (Elena Baltacha foundation). There are some amazing prizes on offer from players in both ATP and WTA, including a signed shirt by many including Wimbledon Champions Novak Djokovic and Petra Kvitova, Andy Murray, Federer and Nadal. Many Andy Murray bundles up available as prizes including a big signed Andy Murray poster after he won Wimbledon, a signed Queens lot and a signed Murray lot. The raffle is open to everyone around the world and each ticket costs just £3. It lasts until 14th September.

The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity: They are a world-leading innovation centre who pioneer new treatments that save lives. They use their research every day to provide the very best in diagnosis, treatment and care for their patients. See more at: 



ABOUT EBAT :EBAT knows that the future of British Tennis will be found in the numbers that we can attract to our wonderful sport; with this in mind our aim is to develop strong relationships with our infant and primary schools and through these links promote our sport and offer tennis training opportunities to all. See more at: 



Please donate to

Royal Marsden: www.justgiving.com/xenon1

EBAT: www.justgiving.com/xenon2

Thank you :)

Andy, Judy & Jamie Murray <3

#Rally4Bally Selfie ;)







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