I Love Andy Murray


I can’t even describe how much I love Andy Murray.

Friday, February 28, 2014 - The day I met Andy Murray

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miami heat fan.

RT  Post practice and cold plunge challenge!!   . Cold plunge was the way to go!

See the video here!!!


Anonymous asked: Is Kim with Andy in Miami?

I don’t know. 

Anonymous asked: I am such a big fan of Andy and please tell me how beautiful is he in person? It look like on the tely or is much more beautiful?cuz you know every person has that thing about theme a special charm and i am dying to know the colour of his eyes! You were such a lucky girl! Love your blog!

Hi! Thank you very much :)

You can read the story about how I met Andy here: http://acapulco2014.tumblr.com/ ;) 

Andy at Soccer Cage Miami :)

Hey Everyone, I’m here and ready for your questions, so ask away! I’ll try and answer as many as I can! #AskAndy

Jen Walsh: What are you drinking?

Andy Murray: lemon sanpellegrino

Stuart Milligan: How gutted are you tennis isn’t in the Commonwealth Games? #askandy

Andy Murray: yea bit strange as it was in the last games in india and was a good success

Kerry Leigh Moore: How are Amelie’s football skills? #AskAndy

Andy Murray: not bad! she was on the winning team and thats what counts…

Simon Hughes: Will you get into media when you retire or would coaching appeal?

Andy Murray: prefer coaching to media

Mike O’Connor: Will Hibs bounce back to the SPL this year?

Andy Murray think its going to be very tough.. hope so

Tracey Mccabe: Are you going to stick with you’re current coaching staff or maybe time for a change? X

Andy Murray: probably not because i hate all of them

Gerard Lavery: What would you rather fight:

A) 100 duck sized horses

B) one horse sized duck

Andy Murray: one horse sized duck

Clare Dickson: Does your mum have to pay at Cromlix?  :D she tweets her food/drink…….a lot, don’t let her take advantage, ha ha. It all looks great, you must be very proud of the place.

Andy Murray: i certainly hope shes paying the amount she eats/drinks there!

Kyaw Khine: What are your thoughts on US Open Mens’ Final being played on Monday? I hope to see you on Sept 8, 2014 in Ashe Stadium, holding Trophy.

Andy Murray: would be better for the players if it was sunday

Alison Milton: Hi andy are you still working with aimlee? Xx

Andy Murray who is that?

[ LOL ]

Kristoffer E.J. Sinigayan: name one thing that is a MUST to keep in your tennis bag before a tennis match?

Andy Murray: tennis rackets

[ Andy <3 ]

Sarah Miller: Border terriers are the best aren’t they? I have two . Buddy and Missy. They get into lots of trouble together…

Andy Murray: yes… but the girl is a bit of a menace on walks

Iain Anderson: Is it feasible to have women’s grand slam matches best of 5 in the future?

Andy Murray: second week i think it should happen for sure

shfar Chowdhury: Favourite singer?

Andy Murray: ed sheeran by far

Sophie Moore: Have you watched Breaking Bad yet?

Andy Murray: no but heard its great

Brian Young In a post match interview haver you ever been tempted to tell the press to just piss off

Andy Murray: not really… more tempted to tell them to relax

Julieann Jefford: What’s your favourite trashy food delight?

Andy Murray: ice cream with melted chocolate

Flavius Patrascanu: How much do you bench?

Andy Murray: i dont ‘bench’

Richard Harris: Andy which boxing fight do you wise would get made in the near future also fancy a doubles match with me and my brother?

Andy Murray: mayweather vs pacquaio

Lindsay Taylor: Do you ever have a break from your strict exercise & diet regime? Fir example hit the beer garden followed by a curry on the way home?!

Andy Murray: i have been known to pop into the beer garden from time to time

Steff Inglis: Why were you not at the opening ceremony??

Andy Murray: because im in miami training

Mircea Suba: How many times do u eat a day?

Andy Murray: 6

William Griffiths: On a scale of 1 to 10 whats your favourite number of the alphabet

Andy Murray: hahahahaah… :|

Jayne Perry: What do you do in your spare time to relax??

Andy Murray: do facebook q and a’s

Robbie Johnson: Do u hope to win another slam

Andy Murray: no

Eduardo Coz McIntosh Have you ever been to Peru? #askandy

Andy Murray: yes.. i was in Lima when i was 15

James Pritchard: The uncontainable excitement in his face.

Andy Murray: hahaha!

Kinga Rzepecka: can you shave?

Andy Murray: yes i can shave.. ive done it a few times in my life

Jamie Powell: Did Man U choose the right man this time?

Andy Murray: time will tell… seems like a good choice

Sajid A Hadul: andy your weight ?????

Andy Murray: 182lbs this morning sajid

Gemma Harverson Sherlock or Doctor Who?

Andy Murray: sherlock

Collin Munashe Dhliwayo: Do your knw a country called Zimbabwe ??? And would you mind visiting it??

Andy Murray: yes i know a country called zimbabwe i have reasonable geography knowledge

Angus Fitzcochrane: Any chance u can pick ur dirty washing up and drinks from behind the sofa Andy ur mum won’t be happy x

Andy Murray: thats a very good point sorry.. i didnt realise they were in the picture.. whoever took it is a muppett

Deborah Delarue: Did you ever beat rafa nadal on playstation? #askandy

Andy Murray: always

Sarah Bradbury: Facial hair or clean shaven?

Andy Murray: what does it look like !?

Elaine Smedley: Make my day and give me something to tell the office girls tomorrow  i happen to on and on about you. My question is..’what is ur no.1 song of all time?’xx and please ensure ur reply has a ‘x’

Andy Murray: number 1 song is a tough question! Let it be by the beatles is up there

Jamie Dickson: Why are you such a stuck up english loving tadger?

Andy Murray: your adorable.. try to relax when you get a chance

Tyron Wain: #askandy Xbox or PS4?

Andy Murray: ps4 100 percent!

Allen Bell: Do you ever listen to Ska music? If so, what bands do you like?

Andy Murray: i have never heard of it

Himanshi Borah: Bungee jumping or deep sea diving? #askandy

Andy Murray: deep sea diving

That’s it for today everyone. Thanks for all your questions, sorry I couldn’t answer them all! #AskAndy

No tennis today. Just some football with the team and some friends. Now back to the apartment for #AskAndy. See you there!

CARLOS!!!!!!!!!! <3

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