I Love Andy Murray


I can’t even describe how much I love Andy Murray.

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Baby Andy❤❤❤

I was born on the 15th May 1987 in Glasgow. You’ve probably read that I spent most of my early life in a little place called Dunblane in Scotland.

Still got family living up there, so it still feels like home to me. I’ve got my own place in London now; fine by me as it’s close to where I train.

I started playing tennis very early, around the age of three. I definitely remember having a mini-racquet when I was two: a bright green thing with multi-coloured strings. Probably still a decent racquet for someone like Treacle.


My first post!!!! ^^ <3

Andy's Q & A - 20 Apr 2014

  • Andy: Engine problem en route to Paris #uturn #panic #herewegonextplane
  • Andy: Let's do a little q and a while I'm stuck on the plane... use #herewegonextplane
  • @BernieGreeno: @andy_murray do you think the 'boring' tag is fair #herewegonextplane
  • Andy: 100 percent
  • @the_shota: how do you like your steak? #herewegonextplane
  • Andy: medium
  • @everton_chris: Do you have a Tesco club card?
  • Andy: shop in sainsburys #nectarcard
  • @wes_palmer: @andy_murray have you ever really rated tim henman? Cos iv always thought he was shite and a bit of a tit #herewegonextplane
  • Andy: you must be really good at your job then!
  • @josh_seward: @andy_murray do you get bored of people asking "why do you hate England"?
  • Andy: no as its a very mature question
  • @ProdigyRep: do you even lift bro? #herewegonextplane
  • Andy: hahaha I've seen that video.. very good
  • @donnapax: are you planning a trip to your hotel soon? #cromlix
  • Andy: I'll be there in 2 days
  • @IloveAzarenka: #herewegonextplane Worst hair day you've ever had?
  • Andy: there hasn't been many good ones! Most days are pretty dodgy
  • @maggiemay_hem: #herewegonextplane Maggie or Rusty?
  • Andy: both angels
  • @maggiemay_hem: #herewegonextplane such a cop-out
  • @PseudoFed: Hello Andrew fan @andy_murray , what is it like flying with other passengers? #curious #herewegonextplane
  • Andy: I wouldn't recommend you try it! Royalty should always fly private #humble
  • @drtdianna: have you ever dream of becoming a princess? #herewegonextplane #curious
  • Andy: only 3 times this week
  • @sthomas141: who is your favorite professional golfer to watch play? #herewegonextplane
  • Andy: rory Mcilroy
  • @SophieOwen7: have you managed to have any Easter eggs today?
  • Andy: yup did an easter egg hunt will tweet a picture of them later
  • @jenmowat: most embarrassing thing happened while playing tennis
  • Andy: throwing up on my opponents racket bag...
  • @iarafrommars: do you like breaking bad #herewegonextplane
  • Andy: never watched it.. heard it's great
  • @HighlandG: aisle or window? #herewegonextplane
  • Andy: window
  • @Helena_tennis: last thing you do before leaving the house? #herewegonextplane
  • Andy: turn on the alarm
  • @_victori4_: are you a secret one direction fan? #herewegonextplane
  • Andy: if I was I wouldn't admit it.. #bestsongever
  • @tigerseye42: @andy_murray #herewegonextplane where is your favourite place to go to chill out?
  • Andy: Bahamas or miami
  • @NO1Fangirl: describe yourself in one word?:) #herewegonextplane
  • Andy: boring
  • Andy: Sorry guys and girls... battery is done.. #herewego

A man’s best friends —Andy Murray

(via jelena-ristic)

RT @TCHDaniel: Just found @andy_murray on the front cover of #Britishtennis from 10 years ago #nipper #legend

Check out my new adidas clay court kit, heading out to start training in Spain shortly, can’t wait! [Andy’s Facebook]

Some screenshots of Kim running The London Marathon 2014. [She and her hair look great as always!!!] 

Source: http://www.marathonfoto.com/

Andy and Kim #LondonMarathon [via gabyl1987 on instagram]

Look who I bumped into at the London Marathon finish line! @andy_murray #boostlondon —Tom Daley

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